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Infiniti to release its autonomy extended sedan hybrid car in Geneva

February 8th 2012

Infiniti will share its vision of the EV soon, at the Geneva Motor show in March. The release of its Hybrid electric sedan with autonomy extension will be part of the "sports car" category.
Infiniti will share its vision of the electric car soon, at the occasion of the Geneva Motor show in March 2012. The release of its electric sedan with autonomy extension will be part of the "sports car" category.

While the brand managed to make people talk about it with its Infiniti M35h hybrid sedan, Infiniti got itself into a more innovative concept. It introduces the electric car with extended runtime, which is more than a hybrid.

Currently, Infiniti does not give specific details about its innovative creation. Not only the concept is not revealed, but its performance are also kept secret. The only thing we know is that the design has been changed because of the re-centralization of the mechanics, resulting in a much more balanced weight.

Combining thrilling performance and sustainable mobility, the concept of this car is shifting to the sportiness. Motricity wll come from the rear, and the ecological side of it will reside in its 1.2l engine, the Renault's TCE which we all know is affiliated to Nissan. While Infiniti has not yet confirmed the "hearsay", CO2 emissions would seem to remain below 50g./km.

Anyway, this constructor does not change a successful recipe, ensuring a certain secrecy, luxury and refinement. It won't be until the Geneva Motor Show, that Infiniti will reveal all its secrets!

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